Special Forum Regulation

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Anggota Staf
Moderator has the right to delete content that violates TraderHub rules and regulations.

'Do not raise racial, ethnic, political, and religious/sexual issues in any form (word/avatar/graphic).

Do not make trading-irrelevant thread.

Do not make provocation in any form that may trigger conflicts or dispute.

Do not upload repetitive threads which have the same objectives.

Do not write any misleading information.

Do not write any biased statement that may potentially defame someone.

Do not be mean-spirited, harassing, or otherwise showing hatred toward a member.

Do not mindlessly arguing, battling, or trolling.

Do not raise conspiracy and irrational prediction of the demise of a market, monetary system, government, country, civilization, or the world itself by using "extraordinary" ability.

Do not make comments in the back of own personal agendas, such as ego boosting, gaining attention, or exacting revenge.

Do not promote a product or service, either their own or someone else's.

Do not spam by posting duplicate content, bumping their threads, or flooding the website with worthless posts.

Do not scam other users by posting signal services, multi-level-marketing, and get-rich-quick schemes.

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